德国Segger公司 J-Link

J-Link调试器/编程器是德国SEGGER公司开发的,可以与支持的目标设备高速通信,最大可以达到3M/秒的下载速度。支持大部分受欢迎的芯片和几乎所有流行的IDE调试平台, 如 ATMEL公司的 ARM,8051,MICROCHIP公司的 PIC32,瑞萨,飞思卡尔,NXP,ST 等等,

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逻辑分析仪非常适用于调试嵌入式应用, 它们通过对连接到被测设备(DUT)的数字输入进行采样,然后在计算机上显示记录来进行操作。 Saleae Logic设备通过USB连接到您的PC, 使用Logic的流体和完全动画的鼠标驱动界面,轻松直观地浏览您的数据。 Saleae产品支持20多种不同协议的解码。

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Total Phase USB,I2C,SPI,eSPI

Versatile I2C, SPI ,USB and eSPI host adapter with field upgradable capabilities for high performance programming and emulation.

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Softlog ICP2-Portable Production Programmer

A member of the ICP family of high-speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers for Microchip microcontrollers, ICP2-Portable is specially designed to meet your service programming needs. This compact, battery-powered device supports up to six different programming environments, making it an ideal, low-cost solution for field upgrades.

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CCS PRIME8 Production Programmer

The Prime8 production programmer has eight high-speed ISCP jacks for high volume programming. Ideal for production environments, it can operate as a stand-alone production programmer with its USB Flash card reader, or with CCS software on the PC. Program up to 8 devices individually or concurrently.

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SEGGER JLINK Debug Probes—J-Link

J-Link BASE is a USB powered debug probe supporting a large number of CPU cores. Based on a 32-bit RISC CPU, it can communicate at high speed with the supported target CPUs. J-Link is used around the world in tens of thousand places for development and production (flash programming) purposes.

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Total Phase Protocol Analyzer

Beagle USB 12协议分析仪(Total Phase TP320221)是一款非侵入式的全/低速USB协议分析仪,包括实时USB描述符解析。开发人员可以监视USB总线上正在发生的事件,因为它的分辨率为21 ns

Beagle I2C/SPI多功能协议分析仪(Total Phase TP320121)是开发I2C或SPI产品的嵌入式工程师的理想工具。 小猎犬分析仪在小型便携式包装中提供高性能总线监控解决方案。 适用于现场和实验室的工程师。

Cheetah SPI主机适配器(Total Phase TP280121)是一款高速SPI适配器,能够通过SPI在高达40 MHz以上的通信。 Cheetah适配器专门设计用于与高速,基于SPI的闪存进行通信。 它是开发,调试和编程基于SPI的系统的理想工具。

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